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EPPATHE is an institutionalized Business Park type B according to Law 3982/11, which was initially defined and delimited based on Law 2545/97 with no. 14723/807 / 06-08-2003 (Government Gazette 1234 / BD / 01-09-2003) JMC of the Deputy Ministers of Development and Regional Planning, Building and Urban Development, as it was amended with the number Φ / Α.6 / 1/30827/2733 (Government Gazette 1223 / ΒΔ / 17−07−2007) JMC of the Ministers of Development and Regional Planning, Building and Urban Development.

Η VI.PA.THE. SA is the Business Park Development Company which had the initiative for the organization and development of EPPATHE based on the Φ.9.5 / 3541/185 / 31-3-2000 JMD of the Deputy Ministers of Development and Regional Planning, Building and Urban Development. [which was amended by 14723/807 / 6-8-2003 (Government Gazette 1234B / 01-09-2003) and (Government Gazette B1223 / 17.07.2007) JMC] is governed by Law 2545/97 and had undertaken the preparation and implementation of the Business Plan, the drafting of the initial Rules of Operation and the administration and management of the Business Park until the transfer of the administration and management to the EDEP (Business Park Management Company) of EPPATHE.

Since 29/12/2005 the GEK TERNA Group is the only shareholder in VIPATHE SA.

The Park occupies an area of ​​approximately 395 hectares, out of which 187 hectares are plots available for sale, 87 hectares correspond to the facilities of MEL S.A. and 120 hectares to common use facilities. The space that is defined, demarcated, urbanized and organized according to the provisions of Part C of Law 3982/11, is to function as a reception area for medium and low nuisance activities.

TERNA SA, a subsidiary of the Group, completed the infrastructure projects at EPPATHE, that were inaugurated in November 2008.

According to Government Gazette 2335 Β 20.09.2013 the Thessaloniki Business Park was subject to the provisions of Law 3982/2011 and was assigned to a Business Park Type Β of article 41 par. 1b of Law 3982/2011.

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Rules of Operation

EPPATHE as an organized host is governed by a complete Rules of Operation that define the terms of operation and use of existing infrastructure and provided services, the rights and obligations of established companies, the imposed fees that cover the administration and management costs of the Park, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the established companies, in a well-organized and modern environment of business activities and development, in accordance with the terms and conditions, under which the approval of its establishment was granted.

It includes the Rules of Operation of the Park Railway Station and the Rules of Environmental Management.

You can see the whole Regulation here.

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